Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets have been developed to provide practical guidance on how to manage health and safety risks associated with hazardous chemicals for persons conducting a business or undertaking who use chemicals in their workplace. – Safe Work Australia


Please unsure all chemicals stored/used in your work environment have Safety Data Sheets to reference back to in the area where the chemicals are being stored or in use.


Safety Data Sheets hold important information, such as;

  • Identification of the Substance/Mixture and of the company supplying the chemical

  • Hazards Identification

  • Composition/information on ingredients

  • First aid measures

  • Firefighting measures

  • Accidental release measure

  • Handling and storage

  • Exposure controls/personal protection

  • Physical and chemical properties

  • Stability and reactivity

  • Toxicological information

  • Ecological information

  • Disposal considerations

  • Transport information

  • Regulatory information

  • Other information


Download your free safety data sheets on the links below;


Dominant Chemicals


Jasol Chemicals


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